Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And now it's time to move on, people

I understand that Michael Jackson was an international superstar and pop icon who inspired people the world over. His music brought light into people's dark worlds, saved lives, and paved the way for artists of color and otherwise.
However, it's time to let the man rest in peace. He's gone, and his pain is over. There's no need to dissect every one of his actions, or speculate endlessly about the whys and the hows.
Let him go

There are other things to talk about, and it's bordering on escpism the way people are clinging to the stories. Life is majorly sucking for people everywhere, why don't we pay attention to their plights for a bit, rather than focusing on this story which we can swallow a bit more easily?

For one, there's Iran. Yeah, the country's still there and the conflict is still going on.


Large scale ethnic unrest. Shouldn't we be having discussions about ethnic differences, and how those clashes hurt all?

Perhaps if we want to keep discussing MJ's legacy, we should talk about one of the major points in his life, of bringing different people together. Perhaps we should talk about cultural and ethnic unity, and how even in the most advanced societies, people are still largely seperated.

Sorry for the semi-rant. There are so many things going on in the world right now, and everyone's focusing on talking about how much they'll miss MJ, all the while ignoring some of the biggest parts about him.
The man loved the world, and wanted to make it a better place.

Why don't we talk about that?

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